Gift Ideas for everyone in your wedding party

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding what the best gifts are out  there to give to the mother of the bride, bridesmaids, etc. When picking gifts for the most important people in your life, remember what you are thanking them for and what message you want to give. You can also tie […]

What dress is best for your body type?

Every bride wants to look perfect on the big day. Here is a great list of the best tips on what is going to flatter or hide your little imperfections on the day of the wedding to make you feel confident and beautiful! 1. Small bust- If you have a small bust you want to […]

Groom 101

After all, it’s his day too! Here is a great website for the groom before the big day. How to get more involved in the planning process, bachelor party ideas, gifts and more. My favorites include: 1. Gifts- 2. Bachelor party ideas- 3. How to pop the question- 4. Tuxedo renting tips- 5. The […]

16 of the Cheapest Overwater Resorts. Honeymoon location anyone?

16 of the Cheapest Overwater Resorts. Honeymoon location anyone? Check out this link to 16 of the cheapest and most breathtaking overwater bungalow resorts. Perfect for your honeymoon location! Ranging from $106 a night to $318 a night. Tahiti to the Maldives. These locations are gorgeous!