Wedding Cakes and Catering

 One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the FOOD! Food can definitely set the mood for your reception and is an essential part of your big day. Here are some great tips for selecting food (including the cake) as well as questions to ask the cake and catering vendors before you make your final choice.

Have your CAKE and eat it too!

Image 1. Wedding cakes have traditionally been made with white or ivory frosting, however it has become more popular to think outside the box. Think about your wedding colors, the theme of your wedding, popular interests or hobbies and incorporate that with your desert of choice. You can even opt for cupcakes, ice cream bar, or a candy buffet.

2. The groom’s cake is also becoming rather popular. If you are having a more traditional wedding cake, allow the groom to have his own cake with his favorite flavor and a hobby or interest. Popular groom’s cake themes include sports, cars, cigars, and hunting (such as the cake below, created by Greg Marsh cakes)

Image3. Ordering a cake can sometimes take a while so start early and order your cake at least 3-5 months before your wedding.

4. The cost for a wedding cake is usually determined by the number of guests eating the cake so make sure you have a close count of attendees before ordering your cake.

5. Save all deposit receipts and all other information about your cake in your wedding planning binder (see #9 on this blog page on how to organize a wedding planning binder). Make sure to get a copy of the size, color, flavor, fillings, delivery date and time, and any other requests you have made. If your baker is delivering, giving a copy of directions before the wedding day is helpful.

6. After cutting the first piece of cake together the bride and groom should have an assigned person to cut and serve the rest of the cake.

7. Questions to ask before ordering your cake:

      -Do you specialize in wedding cakes? – Do you have a portfolio we can browse through? – What do you charge for each slice of cake? – Do you charge a delivery/ set-up fee? – What are your payment/ cancellation policies? – How long in advance is the cake prepared? Is it frozen? – Do you have someone to cut the cake? – Can we have a taste test/ samples?



1. Some locations won’t allow outside food so contact your wedding location before going with a caterer. Also, some vendors won’t work at some locations based on what is available so make sure your caterer knows your location and can adapt to the reception site to prepare food.

2. Sometimes caterers will also provide chairs, tables and other decorations which can be a huge time saver so ask your caterer if they provide those items.


3. Make sure to get a copy of your contract/ deposit and keep it in your wedding planning binder. Make sure it states decorations and set up, what services will be used, how much food is to be served, set up time, how much you are paying, and what food will be served.

4. Again, catering costs are usually determined by number of guests so be prepared with an accurate number of attendees.

5. What should you serve? Really think about your theme or food that you both enjoy. Brunch is usually served during early morning weddings, and buffets or sit down dinners are best for evening events. Make sure to include some hors d’oeuvres before or after meals if you are having a long reception and especially when serving alcohol.

6. Make sure to meet special needs of your guests with vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options to be safe.

7. Questions to ask your caterer:

       – Do you have a portfolio or pictures of previous weddings you’ve done? – What are your specialties? – Do you have a set menu or can you prepare what I request? – How many servers will you be able to send? – Where will the food be prepared? – Do you include cleanup, tips and taxes in your price? – Do you have a liquor license? – Will you provide linens? Tables and chairs? Plates and silverware? – Do you charge for unexpected guests?

List of cake and caterers in the Boise area:

1. Greg Marsh cakes

2. Amaru confections

3. Cakes by Jeanette

4. It’s All About You Catering

5. Mickey Rays

6. Seasons Bistro Catering

E-mail me at if you have any other suggestions for cakes or catering in the Boise, Id area.


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