What dress is best for your body type?

Every bride wants to look perfect on the big day. Here is a great list of the best tips on what is going to flatter or hide your little imperfections on the day of the wedding to make you feel confident and beautiful!

1. Small bust- If you have a small bust you want to avoid very loose fitting tops. Create an illusion with a sweetheart neckline and/or a halter (like this Allure style 8821).  Also embroidery or beadwork on the top of the dress will flatter your bust. You can also ask your seamstress to sew bra cups into the dress as well to feel more comfortable the whole night.


2. Large bust- Make sure to get a dress with a lot of structure and support.Dresses with corsets and coverage are best. Avoid a lot of beading and detail. (Style pictured: Jasmine F22)


3. Broad shoulders- For broad shoulders STAY AWAY FROM STRAPS. Go strapless. Straps will draw more attention to your shoulders.

4.  Tall brides- Ballgowns are great! They make your waist look small without adding height like the Allure style 8858 pictured below.

5. Short bride- Try a more fitted style like mermaid or sheath and avoid ball gowns. Ball gowns will make you appear shorter.


6. Large tummy- ruching is always flattering. Also try an empire waist dress. Like style above or style below.


7. Big booty bride- Go for a low back and a fuller skirt. A- line dresses with more detail on top. Stay away from form fitting if you don’t want to show it off. Style pictured: La Sposa- Salsa 

8. Long legs- To show off those gorgeous legs, you can try a short dress or a mermaid style.


9. Back- if you don’t like your back to show because of a scar, mole or tattoo, try illusion tops, more coverage or even wearing your hair down with a veil! Style shown: La Spoa- Marian

10. Pregnant bride- Chiffon empire waist dresses are best. See if your bridal shop has a pregnant belly sample to try on with dresses. Know that you will probably have to order a dress totally outside of your normal size and get it taken in. Listen to the professionals! Style previewed- Alfred Angelo 2174

The perfect gown for every body type: A-line!!! Ultimately go with the dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in!

* All of the gowns pictured may be ordered at B.B. Bridal in Boise. Call to make an appointment at (208)322-3945 or online at http://www.bb-bridal.com

** Some ideas received from Say Yes to the Dress Randy Knows Best, Premier Bride of Idaho, and my personal experience.


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