Ten Big Tips when starting to look for your dress

These ten tips are important to starting the search for your bridal attire. Remember these while  wedding dress shopping.


1.  Start your search in magazines, online or at bridal shows. Get ideas for what you like and don’t like in wedding dresses. Bring pictures to show your consultant at your appointment.

2. Make an appointment! Most bridal salons require or recommend making appointments about a week ahead of time. This way you’ll get more one on one time with a consultant that will really listen to what you want and can better help you find what you are looking for. Remember to start looking dresses about 12-9 months before your wedding date.

3. Do your research on what will look best for your body type and venue. (Check out this page on what looks best for your body stlye from B B bridal’s blog:  http://bbbridal.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/capture.jpg )

4. Take anything you are planning on wearing on the day of the wedding while you are shopping for your dress such as a strapless bra, Spanx, shoes, and any special jewelry. Also try to wear full-bottom undies as you will probably be working with consultants so you will want to cover up a little.

5. Bring a camera if the bridal shop you go to allows you to take pictures. It really give you a good idea of how people will see you instead of how you look in front of a mirror. Also use the photos you take to help narrow down what you like and don’t like.

6. Narrow down your favorites as you go if possible. Asking yourself if you like one dress better than the dress before will help you rule out some of your options. Keep in mind the best fabric and look for your event.

7. Think about what is most important for you to have on the big day and what’s your dress “must have”. Some dresses can be customized to your liking, however you want to find a dress that you are overall happy to wear. If a sweetheart neckline is most important to you, try to find a dress that already has that. What body features of yours do you love most and most want to show off on the big day?

8. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming. Try not to book more than 2 or 3 appointments in one day at an hour each and try to leave about 30 minutes in between each just in case one goes longer. You don’t want to feel rushed. Also try to limit yourself to only trying on 5-10 dresses at each store. The more dresses you try on the more overwhelmed you may feel.

9. Ask others for their advice and opinions (such as your friends, family, and wedding consultant)  but remember that in the end it’s YOUR decision and YOUR wedding. You want to make sure you are comfortable and you stay true to yourself.

10. Ask questions!!! How long does it take to get a gown in? Do you have in store alterations? What alterations can be done? What is your payment, cancelation, and refund policy?


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