You’re engaged! Now what?

Congrats on your engagement!!! This blog is here to help you plan the big day, but let’s focus on what you should do right after the proposal.

1. Get a manicure. Even if you aren’t super girly it’s a good idea to get your nails done. Trust me, everyone will be dying to see the ring so you want your hand to look as beautiful as possible.

2. Call your closest friends and family. Tell those most important to you first. Don’t let them find out on facebook or twitter. Personally call or meet them face to face to share the big news.

3. Enjoy your engagement! Many brides get so into planning the big day that they forget about the reason they are getting married and don’t have time to just enjoy being engaged.

4. Start getting ideas for your wedding. You don’t have to start with all the little details right away but think about things like location and season. Don’t forget to include your groom when it comes to making decisions! It’s his day too.

5. Set a budget. Work out the numbers and come up with a reasonable price point with the groom and others that may be contributing such as parents. There are many tools out there to help you estimate how much a wedding costs. (I’ll be sure to post one soon).

6. Select a date or get an idea of a date. Most wedding vendors will ask you this right away. Prices for locations and order times for wedding dresses are different depending on the season so keep this in mind.

7. Hire a planner or select a maid of honor to really be in control of making sure everything is being taken care of. I would definitely recommend a planner if you can budget one. It will allow you and your family and friends to have a more relaxed time before and the day of the wedding, plus they really know what they’re doing and leave less room for anything to be missed.

8. Location, location, location. If you’ve set a date try to think about the weather when booking a location. Some places book up fast so you want to make sure you can get the place you want right away. Also think about where your guests are coming from and if there are lodging accommodations nearby for guests from out of town.

9. Get organized. Even if you have a wedding planner, make sure to have copies of agreements, payments, and timelines for your own records. If you don’t have a wedding planner, just use a binder/notebook, or computer files but keep everything in the same place. You can usually get wedding planning books at bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, or some wedding dress shops carry them for sell as well. There are also some awesome templates online that you may use, such as this one ( ) that I found on pintrest!

10. Once you have a location and date BOOK YOUR VENDORS! Some vendors book up really fast so make sure to contact your photographer, caterer, dj, etc to make sure they have that day and time available. The sooner the better. Remember that it is recommended you have about a year to plan the big day.


* Some ideas from Bride Magazine and


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