What dress should you wear for your wedding type.

1. Church wedding: Don’t show too much skin. Avoid  super low backed dresses. You can still be sexy without showing skin, like a mermaid style or illusion top.

2. Western/ barn wedding: LACE!!! Not too much bling. Go for a more relaxed silhouette like an A-line.


3.  Breakfast wedding: Go for a more mellow dress. Avoid heavy fabrics. Chiffon is a great fabric.

4. Nature/ outdoor wedding: Try something simple and earthy. Light materials like chiffon, it’s also very flowy. Maybe leaf or butterfly appliques or patterns.

5. Southern wedding: Lace is a popular fabric. Sweetheart necklines and tight bodices with full skirts. Modern southern would be tighter fitting lace.

6. Multi- cultural wedding: Colored dresses are very popular (especially red). Very simple with not too much going on. With a lavish veil.

7. Tuscan/ romantic wedding: Traditional without being too heavy. Maybe color and flower details.

8. Beach wedding: Simple, light weight, flowy (again chiffon is an awesome fabric). Maybe light color like pinks.

9. Black tie event: Very formal. Big and bold! Glamerous with a dramatic fit. Satins and silks are good.

10. Winter wonderland: Ball gowns and shimmery fabrics like silk/ satin.  Lots of sparkle!

* Some advice taken from “Randy Knows Best”.


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